From small commissions, such as the outline advice and recommendations provided in a feasibility report, to large programmes and projects where our relationships have lasted many years, we ensure that our clients obtain the best possible advice, tailored to meet specific business needs.


Every project is unique and at ValidusLM, we understand that getting the direction and scope of a programme of work right from the start will vastly improve the chances of long-term success. Fully understanding what is to be achieved - the vision - and ensuring a comprehensive appreciation of the organisation’s objectives and goals is essential in the development of strategic options that will meet or exceed expectations.


We work closely with the client to

  • Create a Vision and Set Strategic Goals
  • Develop and Appraise Options
  • Prepare Business Cases
  • Assess Full Feasibility
  • Audit and Review Projects and Programmes of Work
  • Assemble & Manage Design Teams
  • Lead Planning Applications and Procurement
  • Sponsor and Lead Programmes and Projects
  • Turn Around Projects in Distress
  • Effectively Manage Change and Risk